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As an independent third-party publisher working with sub-publishers, Circuit Wave is dedicated to supporting and protecting the financial rights of artists in the modern music industry. By partnering with sub-publishers in approximately 200 territories worldwide, Circuit Wave enables artists to reach a global audience while receiving the financial compensation they deserve.

One of the biggest challenges facing artists in the music industry is their limited understanding of the commercial aspects of the business. This limited knowledge can lead to missed opportunities and lost revenue, especially in areas such as performance, mechanical, and related rights. Circuit Wave is committed to helping artists maximize their revenue and protecting their economic rights at every stage of their music career. By working with Circuit Wave as their publishing partner, artists can focus on creating music while trusting that their financial interests are being carefully managed.

Circuit Wave has a network of sub-publishers who are experts in their respective territories. This network enables artists to have their music heard in places they may not have previously considered, allowing them to expand their fan base and revenue streams. Additionally, Circuit Wave's commitment to protecting the financial rights of artists ensures that their hard work and creativity will be rewarded.

In conclusion, Circuit Wave, working together with sub-publishers, provides a solution to the financial struggles that many artists face in the modern music industry worldwide.

Some of the brands our sub-publishers work with



The synchronization team of one of our sub-publishers has achieved an unprecedented victory in the music industry: they have granted a license to the talented DIY-pop emerging artist Suzi Wu for the worldwide television commercial of Apple’s iPhone 12. The ad was first unveiled at the Apple iPhone Live Keynote speech, which had 22 million live viewers around the world. The synchronization team identified Suzi Wu’s music as an attractive option for Apple and promoted it for its dynamic production, appeal to Generation Z, and relevant lyrical content. The license granted to an emerging artist like Suzi Wu for a TV campaign of this magnitude has been transformative for her career.



One of our highly valued sub-publishers has established a fruitful collaboration with Rhiza Music, representing Mood Media, a prominent provider of in-store music globally. This partnership offers a wealth of opportunities for in-store playlisting that benefit the artists under our sub-publishers' umbrella. Rhiza Music excels in not only placing music from our artists in major retail chains but also curating Co-op Radio, which broadcasts to a vast network of over 4,000 stores in the UK, providing an extensive platform for exposure.

One of the most exciting examples of this collaboration is Mauwe, an Alt Pop duo hailing from Bristol. Our sub-publishers recognized the talent of Mauwe early on and began working closely with them in 2017, even before they released any material. Through a personalized approach, our sub-publishers offered dedicated support to Mauwe to promote their tracks and ensure the best possible exposure for their music. Our sub-publishers' guidance and Rhiza Music's exceptional distribution channels have enabled Mauwe to reach new heights and gain a devoted following among fans of Alt Pop music.


Mechanical Royalties

Royalties for the use of the music in physical and digital formats
Such as: CDs, vinyl records
And digital downloads or streaming

Synchronization Fees

Royalties for the use of the music in audiovisual productions

 Such as movies, TV shows, commercials

And video games

Dramatic Usage Fees

Royalties for the use of their music in theatrical or dramatic performances
Such as plays, musicals, operas, ballets
And other stage productions


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